When Pigs Fly

When Pigs fly is one of the funniest slots in Netent. If you can watch pigs fly, I believe this game was meant for you because its contents are based on cartoons from the 90s such as Catdog, the Jetsons, and Ren & Stimpy. Access details on how to get new bonuses through Netentcasino.money .

The game shows pigs in space. Its gameplay and playing experience have a grid which is cross-shaped. The video slot has symbols such as wilds, spaceships, pigs, helmets, and the when pigs fly symbol. If you want to learn more about Netent slots, go through http://www.021radio.com to be informed.


When Pigs Fly Gameplay

When Pigs Fly is a 20 pay line and 5-reel video slot powered by Netent software. The animation becomes more lively when the various reels go round when playing the game. The experience of the users is amplified with the wild substitutions found when playing the game, the re-spins, and free spins.

The gameplay is straightforward because the player sets the coin value. Why experience more problems when you can set the number of levels and set the maximum bet available? When playing the game, the individuals set the reels in motion without any interruptions for a chosen number of times.

Win To Start Spinning Free

Winning in the game starts early. At first, unlocking the free spins requires a player to win. After matching the winning combination, a player is provided with a re-spin to continue the game. The first win earns the users a re-spin that can be used to unlock more winning potentials.

When one round is successful, you will get another free spin. What is more, if you manage to complete any of the five winning combinations in a row, the pig symbol in the game boards the spaceship. This signifies that the player is qualified to have access to 8 free spins when playing the game.

Increase Your Winning Ways When Playing When Pigs Fly

With each re-spin, the users expand their winning potential. When starting the main game, a user has 45 winning ways. After the first spin, the winning ways increased to 135 before changing to 405 after a second re-spin. The third re-spin increases the winning ways to 675, creating a higher winning potential.

The fourth and fifth re-spins increases the winning ways from 1125 to 1875 ways. At last, the users will have the capacity to enter in the bonus games with 3125 ways of winning. Additionally, the game has wild symbols that assist in completing all combinations in when pigs fly.

Win More When Playing When Pigs Fly

You will be rich when you play the game because of the winning options provided to players. The game has a funny design that shows the cartoons used back in the 80s and the 90s. You will be engaged in the game by pulsating electronic music playing in the background to add more game dynamics.

You have to show interest in learning the game before you enroll for free to start playing. When you place your bets in the game, you have a high chance of winning because of the smooth gameplay. New users will find it to play the game because of the easy guides.